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Artemis Fowl and the Last Guardian

artemis fowl and the last guardian

Artemis Fowl and the Last Guardian is the final book in the Artemis Fowl series.  It was written by Eoin Colfer and published by Viking Press in 2012.  The story continues where The Atlantis Complex ended and generated several positive reviews from the critics.  The Last Guardian won the Irish Children’s Book of the Year at the 2012 Irish Book Awards.

The novel starts from the perspective of the undead fairy warriors called the Berserkers.  They are focused on their revenge against humanity.  Artemis Fowl is focused on his illness at the J. Argon Institute.  He is healed from the Atlantis Complex.  Dr. Jerbal Argon tells the boy a story.

The tale is set at the Fowl Manor.  A great fairy versus human battle was fought on the grounds of his estate.  The discussion continues.  Fowl trades his sketches for more information.  The drawings are the outline of a medical brace for the doctor’s hip issues.  Argon thanks the boy and they part ways.  

dr jerbal argon
Dr. Jerbal Argon – Photo Credit: Snhnry

Holly Short is monitoring Opal Koboi’s clone Nopal.  Artemis arrives and Foaly contacts Holly.  The real Koboi has sent a message.  The two head to Police Plaza in Haven City.  Two of Opal’s thugs have demanded her release.  If she is not freed, they will kill her past self.  Everyone panics.  Foaly and Artemis explain the physics to Holly.  The modern-day Opal is moved into a nuclear reactor to prevent another paradox.

The past Koboi is executed and a gigantic flux of energy is released.  Opal’s original scheme was to be placed inside the reactor.  She manipulates the energy and escapes and heads to Fowl Manor.  Holly and Artemis follow.  They are too late.  Opal has released the first lock.  The Berserkers have risen from the ground.  Beckett and Myles Fowl and Juliet Butler are possessed.  The animals on the estate are too.  Holly saves herself, Artemis and Butler from the same fate.

Opal realizes they are immune and is not pleased.  She orders their deaths.  Holly heals her friends with magic and collapses.  Butler and Artemis are vulnerable.  The Berserkers move in to strike.  The ground splits below them.  The three good guys are swallowed into the abyss. Koboi is furious about the Deus ex machina’s intrusion. 

police plaza
Police Plaza – Photo Credit: Snhnry

The chasm was generated by Mulch Diggums.  The three thank him.  The dwarf leads them to his underground hideout.  His original plan was to rob the Fowls.  Artemis is not pleased.  He moves on.  Holly explains the history of the Lock and Key.  The key is Opal’s magic and there are two locks.  The first seal hides the Berserkers.  Their purpose is to protect the fairy world from the humans.  If they are unsuccessful, the second lock is opened.   Behind it is the power of the Earth God Danu.  If seal two is popped open, humanity is extinguished.

The crew splits up to gather weapons around the estate.  Fighting happens.  The weapons are secured.  Butler goes down.  Artemis leaves to think and create a plan.  Holly demands to know their next move.  The boy says he does not have one.  He disappears and beings to reflect.  He pens his last will and contacts Foaly.  He asks for materials.  Foaly is vexed and sends the supplies.  The centaur tells Holly that Fowl’s plan is suicide.  She casts a spell to stop him.  Artemis injects himself with adrenaline to counteract it.

The friends touch hands.  Holly is drugged through the contact.  Artemis passes information to her as she floats into unconsciousness.  Time passes.  Opal is close to releasing the final lock.  Holly and Artemis arrive.  The villain taunts them and they are captured.  Koboi loosens her focus.  Artemis escapes and tries to close the gate.  Opal laughs at the feeble attempt.  Holly attempts to shut the lock.  Opal chuckles.  Artemis giggles and reveals that “Holly” is Opal’s clone and has the same DNA.

Nopal Koboi – Photo Credit: Snhnry

Koboi is furious and orders the Berserkers to kill them.  Oro denies her request and claims there has been too many fairy deaths.  He slaughters her instead.  Opal perishes and falls to the ground.  Butler and Holly rush towards Artemis.  The gate closes before they arrive.  All the fairy souls are sucked in.  Artemis dies due to his fairy eye.  The last guardian is gone.

Six months pass.  The human world is safe and sound.  Foaly clones Fowl using his DNA.  It was collected before the final showdown through his saliva after he kissed Holly.  His soul was never lost.  It resonated with his family’s estate through raw willpower and intellect.  The mindless clone is hatched and the soul attaches.  The boy is resurrected.  The boy has severe memory loss.  Holly tells the boy a story.  The story is about how they met.  The plot shifts to the beginning of the franchise and the cycle repeats.  The loop continues.  Artemis Fowl and the Last Guardian ends.

artemis fowl and the last guardian
Artemis Fowl and the Last Guardian – Photo Credit: Snhnry

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