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Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident

artemis fowl and the arctic incident

Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident is a fantasy book written for young adults by Eoin Colfer.  It was published in 2002 by Hyperion Books.  The novel was rebranded as Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident for American readers.  It is the successor of the international success Artemis Fowl.  The story follows Artemis Fowl II and his journey to rescue his papa.  The book received favorable reviews and was featured on the New York Times bestseller list.

Everything starts at the Kola Bay (Murmansk Fjord).  The Russian Mafia sinks a crime bosses’ vessel the Fowl Star.  Big Fowl the First is discovered by two mob members.  Artemis’s father loses an eye and a leg, but survives.  Three years pass and the younger Fowl is in school.  His bodyguard Butler calls his master.  He shows his leader a video of Artemis Fowl I detained by the Mafia. 

The duo deduce that a ransom demand is inevitable.  Butler drives them back to Fowl Manor and they begin to scheme.  The antiheroes think above ground and the plot develops beneath it.  The sprite Private Chix Verbil and Captian Holly Short of the Lower Elements Police are on a stakeout.  They are attacked by a group of miscreant armed goblins.  The goblins are equipped with outlawed weapons powered by human batteries.

artemis fowl and the arctic incident
Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident – Photo Credit: Snhnry

Commander Julius Root sends Holly to capture Artemis Fowl after Short blames him for the goblin’s weaponry.  The force’s most intelligent centaur Foaly proves his innocence.  Root decides to employ Butler and Fowl instead.  The decision proves to be correct.  The disgraced lieutenant from the last novel is behind the attacks.

Briar Cudgeon is working with Foaly’s rival Opal Koboi.  The genius pixie Opal is not a suspect and gaining power.  All of the coordinated attacks have occurred on Koboi property.  The villains are unconcerned with Root and plan to kill the commander and take over once he is eliminated.  Foaly has identified the French investigator Luc Carrére as the main suspect.  The good guys head out.

Time passes and Butler breaks into Luc’s apartment in Paris.  He finds the Frenchman with a fairy handgun and in a mesmerized state.  He interrogates and subdues him.  The bodyguard determines he knows nothing about the goblins.  Butler exists and leaves the private eye to the authorities.  Artemis analyzes the situation and is uneasy about the easiness of the event.  The boy tables his concerns and the gang heads to Russia to rescue Papa Fowl.

Opal koboi
Opal Koboi – Photo Credit: Snhnry

A squad of goblin assassins ambushes the rescue party.  Cudgeon is the culprit.  Opal disables their weapons and the goblins almost succeed.  The assault renders Butler unconscious and pinned under a pile of rubble with Root.  Artemis and Holly use a nuclear train to free their friends.  Holly is injured and everyone pauses to heal up.  Artemis and Short talk about his father.  The savant Fowl shows moral progression and admits he made a mistake.  Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident warms up.

Briar imprisons Foaly and Koboi disables the weapons of the Lower Elements Police.  The centaur is blamed for the attacks and being the mastermind of the goblin rebellion.  The goblin boys attack Haven City.  The situation grows dire.  Foaly is half human and half man and half smart.  The math is perfect and he delivers a warning message to Artemis about the takeover.

Fowl decides that the correct course (cc) of action is to take the threat head on by breaking into Koboi Laboratories.  Root says it is impossible.  The deceased dwarf (dd) thief Mulch Diggums was the only one to do so and he helped build the facility.  Holly reveals that Diggums lives and Foaly tracked him down to Los Angeles.  Everyone goes to Los Angeles.  Butler packs a bathing suit.

Domovoi Butler
Domovoi Butler – Photo Credit: Snhnry

Mulch is threatened with prison and agrees to help.  He tells them about an exposed titanium foundation rod.  The gang enters the lab through the rod.  Root, Butler and Holly pop out and charge towards the communications room.  The trio battles hordes of goblins and Artemis navigates a series of deactivated plasma cannons on his own.  Fowl communicates with Foaly and unmasks Cudgeon.  The antagonist reenables the cannons and the threesome breaks inside avoiding the fire.  Their timing is on point.  Artemis is held at gunpoint.

The centaur calls Opal and spoils Cudgeon’s plan to double cross her.  The villains tussle and Briar falls and passes away.  Koboi passes out.  The chaos restores the LEP weaponry.  Foaly uses the cannons to slay the goblins.  Tensions are high.  The outside LEP commanding unit is unaware of the recent events and are still targeting the centaur. Time passes.

Butler and the boys and girl cruise over to Russia to save Artemis Fowl I.  They fake the patriarch’s death and deliver the mafia fake money.  Holly heals most of Papa Fowl’s wounds.  They drop him off at a hospital in Sweden.  Time passes and Artemis has a conversation with his guidance counselor.  The boy is asked if he has learned anything.  The boy has.  Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident ends.

Briar Cudgeon
Briar Cudgeon – Photo Credit: Snhnry

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